Basic Steps You Can Take for Carpet Stains

A carpet spill doesn’t have to be an eternal stain when you follow these tips from the carpet cleaning experts.


Begin by utilizing a good cleaning solution that is specialized to work on your specific stain. There are many homemade cleaning mixes that work well. They include: foams, detergents, and vinegar mixtures. The recipes for creating these solutions, and a list of stains that each one is appropriate for, are available in the stain removal guide which can be found on the website of Stainmaster. When you have found the best solution to use, start the process of removal.

Basic cleaning tips:

1. Blot as much of the spill as you can.

2. Vacuum any dry dirt specks.

3. Make cleaning mixture, starting with the first item listed.

4. Pretest the solution on a discreet spot of carpet to confirm it doesn’t discolor or harm the carpet.

5. Put the solution on the stain and work from the outside of the stain in the direction of the center.

6. Let the solution stay on the spill for five minutes.

7. Dab with a clean cloth till no more stain is on the cloth. Rubbing the stain will harm the carpet fibers.

8. Rinse with cold water. Make sure all the solution is gone from the carpet.

9. If you can still see the stain, do the process over until either the stain is removed or the stain is no longer is on the cloth.

10. If the stain lingers, move on to the next solution and try the same steps above. If the stain stays after doing each solution, contact a professional carpet cleaner.

11. Once the stain is gone, put pieces of paper towels on the spot to soak up moisture. Put a glass or other object on the towel for additional weight. You can let this sit overnight.

12. When the carpet is dry, vacuum to bring back its texture.

Another tip is If you find you cannot get your stains out hire a carpet cleaner in Glenwood Springs to do the job for you. Sometimes it’s just easier that way.

Owning Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business

People, whether they know it or not always need their carpets cleaned.  Since folks need their carpets cleaned, starting a carpet cleaning business can be a great idea. We love to talk carpet cleaning and love entrepreneurs so here are some things to consider when starting a carpet cleaning business.

If you are considering starting a small business, you might want to think about the carpet cleaning business. We love this business and you may just love it to when you get to know it better. It’s hard work but that’s not really an issue if you hire some people to help you.

Many homes and businesses have carpeting, and carpets must be cleaned at least every six months. Sometimes individuals may have their carpets cleaned numerous times a year, contingent on their lifestyle. If there are small children in the home, numerous spills make it necessary, and if they like dogs, well you know what I’m sayin. There are constantly a lot of stains to deal with.

Also, people who agonize with allergies are more likely to have their carpets cleaned often, so if you can find people with allergies, hey hit them up!

The dander that accrues in carpet fibers can be a nuisance and can worsen an allergy, even when the carpet is regularly vacuumed. A professional carpet cleaner removes the particles that are deep into the carpet fibers.

If you want to begin a carpet cleaning business, you can take various approaches.

First, there are franchises in the field and they will give you the chance to begin a carpet cleaning business with their established name and some guidance along the way.

These franchises offer a lot of opportunities to the new business. Training is one thing that is great about doing a franchise and guidance on operating a business.

When you purchase a carpet cleaning franchise, you’ll be obliged to buy the carpet cleaning gear from the main company and any products that you use. If your carpet cleaning franchise gets busy very fast, the cost of the equipment and products will be recovered quickly, so the franchise fees really aren’t going to slow you down.

If the thought of a franchise is too much big brother or is not interesting to you, you can just go it on your own. In this case, you should have some training in business management, since you won’t have the guidance that the franchise company can offer you.

Whatever you decide, carpet cleaning can be a great business to get into.

Check out this video about keeping your eyes open when getting in business, you may just find an opportunity that you didn’t know existed.

How to Handle Carpet Stains

Everyone has a unique approach to fighting fresh stains on a carpet.

Most customers are quick to go to a nearby cabinet to grab some sort of liquid and pour it over the stain. While this may seem like a clever idea, it’s truly not. Many people end up harming their carpet by behaving in such a self-serving and hasty manner.

Today, there are numerous types of carpets available to customers, with each one created out of various materials. What’s an issue is that many people don’t know what their carpet is made of, or what type of face fiber they have. Then, when they shop for a carpet cleaning solution, they snatch the one they saw on TV which seems most dependable to them. When they put this cleaner on their carpet, they usually see it has negative effect, starts foaming really bad; one that’s not quite right. We suggest stocking up on some basic carpet cleaning supplies, and try different ones in an inconspicuous place.

However, there are some soily cases that may need more than just a simple cleaning solution. Stains like ink, wine, or pet urine may necessitate the attention of a qualified carpet cleaning professional. If you’re up for the job, you could contemplate undertaking the job yourself. If you can handle tough jobs you can get the job done with equipment rentals and some elbow grease. You will find in the end, that, hey maybe it’s a smarter choice to have a professional do it.

So how does a professional clean carpet stains? They have the most advanced equipment and solutions to get your carpet looking great again. Some common cleaning methods are dry chemical cleaning, dry cleaning and steam cleaning or hot water extraction.  Based on the seriousness and type of stain, the carpet cleaner will pick a suitable process. Although you may be thinking that you could save money by cleaning your carpet yourself, you will end up with more headaches an end up ultimately paying more.

Carpet stains aren’t the end of the world, and you shouldn’t have an anxiety attack over them.